About This Blog

Can you still vividly remember those glorious days in school when substitutes would come in? That rapturous moment when you realized your teacher wasn't going to be in today? Oh, the fun you had! The pranks you pulled! Remember that time your best friend put glue on the door handle? Hi-larious! Oh, and the best part? You did no work all day. Remember those days? Well, we sure do. But we think back on them a little differently. Because - my friends?

We ARE that substitute.

Who are we? We are two twenty-something friends (Charlotte and Rosy) who substitute teach in the Greater Philadelphia area. Charlotte started subbing first and then forcibly coerced convinced Rosy to try it. That our friendship survived this inexcusable act is a testament to its strength. We're telling it to you straight: It's not always a pretty picture, and this is not a job for the faint of heart (or the humorless - sometimes all you can do is laugh). Come read about the mayhem and misadventures we face: the students who have made our days difficult, unbearable, and even the ones who (sometimes) make it all worth it. Come join us as we navigate the treacherous waters of American public schools!

**PLEASE NOTE: For the sake of our blunt and sometimes brutal honesty in the retelling of our misadventures, all school, student, and even our own names have been ignored, forgotten or otherwise changed for the purposes of this blog.**