Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Which We Answer Some Exciting Questions!

How long have you been subbing? Charlotte has been subbing for about eight months, Rosy for about six.

What did you do before that? Well, we both have Bachelor's Degrees in absolutely nothing related to child-care and (bonus for Charlotte) - she has a Master's degree in nothing related to child-care OR to her Bachelor's Degree!

That is insanity! That is not a question. Also, it is true.

Why did you start subbing? At first (for Charlotte) it was the economy, stupid! But then once she did it, she actually really enjoyed it. And then, unbelievably, so did Rosy. Crazy, no?

What do you guys like doing for fun? Well, Rosy is an excellent artiste. And Charlotte loves writing poetry, fiction, and (geek that she is) fanfiction. Both gals are musical and (aww...) were in their high school marching band together. Charlotte also loves vegetarian cooking/baking and Rosy is her official taste-tester. They also enjoy going out on the town for dancing, drinks, the usual. Also, they do have other friends, they swear. Like maybe one or two. And a half.

You guys sound amazing. Are you taken? Stop it! You'll make us blush. :) But yes, we're taken.

By each other? No. We each have a charming, handsome young man in our lives.

I still get the sense that you have inappropriate girl-crushes on each other. We will go so far as to say that you're not entirely wrong, and you may even be a little bit right.

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