Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Rosy here. Thank you Charlotte for that wonderful introduction. And Charlotte, I hope you don't mind the changes I made to the layout. The old one hurt my eyes.

Today I had one of my most feared moments in the subbing experience: I woke up nice and late at the hour of 6:30 (slept in an hour!), got ready at a reasonable pace, drove the 40 minutes or so it takes me to get to most schools that I cover, made some wrong turns as per usual (my GPS, Tiffany, tries to help all she can but I give her so little navigational skill to work with sometimes), and arrived right at my scheduled minute of 8:30 to a new school (for me), we'll call it "Happy Grounds Elementary." After the usual chaos of locating a sign-in book and having no one staffing the office to send me in the right direction, I was finally introduced to my fellow 1st-grade teacher (and a rando whose hand I shook out of awkwardness because he was standing there) and sent along my merry way to my classroom. Several little first-grade darlings sat camped outside the door ("YESSS! A sub!"). I opened it to be greeted by the expected darkness but also--music and a lavender scented humidifier? What was this? I stood blinking in the haze and spotted a woman in the corner near the teacher's desk.

"I'm here to sub? I think? For Mrs. Gretsky?"
"Oh that's me! Didn't I put the right date?" said a pleasant, older woman in a patriotically-themed shawl. "I called yesterday but I was sure I put in for tomorrow." I double-checked my confirmation email. May 6.


Bless her, she tried to make the best of it, and gave me a few pointers (one of the first being, "Don't be afraid to be mean to them!" At least I know what to expect now...tomorrow) and showed me around, but honestly nothing could stave the awkwardness and embarrassment I felt at my unprofessional overlooking of the date posted for this assignment.

So I was sent on my merry way home, without a job, and with any drop of professional pride dissolved. It will be fun to explain Ms. Rosy's irresponsible mishap to the no doubt adorable Happy Grounds students' interrogations tomorrow.


  1. Think of how many times you've wanted to ask a question, but how rare it is you get a chance. Now you're all set for tomorrow!

    I love the name of your blog. Very clever.

  2. "...GPS, Tiffany"

    Ours is named "Mindy" and yes, I have shown up for an assignment on the wrong day also.


  3. What's even worse though is showing up for the assignment when you know it's right and the teacher was wrong. I had that once, and it sucks.

  4. Yikes! It's nice to know I'm not the only one not following the schedule here.

    Or naming my GPS...